Zeek Rewards Scam: True or False?

Zeek Rewards Scam: True or False?

By | June 9, 2012

Recently, the famous marketing scheme called Zeek Rewards has been associated with this scary term. So, just like other money making scams, the Zeek scam is being viewed upon as an investment scam. Now, if you are reading this post, you must have questions such as, does Zeek Rewards scam exist? Is it a brand new Pyramid Scheme? What an official but comprehensive Zeek Rewards review say? Well, we will answer all these questions in this article so that you can take a well informed decision before investing in this MLM marketing scheme. Let’s start by knowing the scheme’s company and its products.

Zeek Rewards Scam: About the Company and It’s Working

Zeek Rewards Scam

It is the Rex Venture Group LLC that owns Zeekler.com as well as this affiliate program. The company is a subsidiary of Lighthouse America and was set up in 1997. Zeek awards is the marketing hand of Zeekler.com that is an auction site on which folks place a non-refundable bid on products in the quest of obtaining them economically. This technique is called Penny auction that is gaining much popularity for online shopping. But this is also true that penny auction scam is also on a rise. As you start to win a deal, say getting 90% off on the product price, the auction tends to get extremely addictive, which can end up in taking away all your money if you do not invest carefully.

In a penny auction, every bid results in increasing the item’s price by a penny along with the seconds to the clock. When the time is about to get over, the last participant to bid is the winner and pays the last fixed bid price that is equal to the product’s market price. The company gains profit in two ways: the product price and fees for all bids.

Zeek Rewards Scam: The Working of the Affiliate Marketing

The Zeek Rewards features a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) concept. According to this concept, instead of paying to an external advertising agency, the company pays people who use their peculiar skills in getting the visitors to Zeekler.com. So, this affiliate program is based on network marketing wherein a group of special people bring customers. Although Zeek Rewards offers an excellent affiliate services department, it is a bit different than a traditional affiliate marketing scheme. It is truly based on affiliates, which is a legitimate way to market products.

There are four programs via which you can join Zeek Rewards: The Diamond Affiliate paying $99 per month, Gold Affiliate providing $50 per month, The Silver Affiliate offering $10 per month, and Free Affiliates paying as per their earnings. Any affiliate who is participating in any of the former three programs is termed as a Qualified Zeek Rewards Affiliate. She/He is a marketer who has also joined the Customer Co-op and has offered a minimum of 10 bids for free, submitted a qualifying ad for the penny auction site, and has done the same via the ZeekRewards back office.

On the other hand, there are also non-qualified affiliates who are eligible only for gaining retail profits but not on daily basis like the qualified ones. However, they can see a daily rise in their Bonus Points. It is possible to join the program for free but true benefits only come if you obtain a monthly membership. All the affiliate marketers are given complete access to their report of bid sales as well as other relevant information. With these facts exposed, at least you can now think that Zeek Rewards scam is not true! Okay, let’s take one more step that can prove its legitimacy – let’s know about the compensation plan!

Zeek Rewards Scam: The Compensation Plan

Listed below are a total of six ways that an affiliate marketer can earn from this multi level marketing program.

• ZAP Commissions: 20% on all referred customers’ bid purchases on the penny auction site
• The Retail Profit Pool: Submitting a FREE ad daily and obtain daily awards as a Qualified Affiliate, via the profit-share program (almost 50% profits are shared with these affiliates)
• Your Retail Store: Obtaining cash that is the result of the difference between the retail price and your discounted price
• The Matrix: Backing up two preferred customers and earning $3.50 a month for each paid subscriber
• Retail Subscription Profits: 20% monthly earnings from personal sales on the supported affiliate’s subscriptions
• The Shopping Daisy: Commissions via affiliate shopping programs online

Just go to the official site of this mlm marketing program and you will find many positive feedbacks on this plan. There is nobody to complain about receiving no earnings. So, is Zeek Rewards scam true? Certainly not!

Then Why There are Reviews Saying that It Is a Scam?

The fact is that not all understand the MLM industry! Negative reviews are often written by these people who probably can be previous affiliates but gave up due to lack of time for daily ad posting or failure to earn as per the desire. The worst assumption made by these people is that such programs help in making fast money without any efforts! However, all such home-based business opportunities need special skills and time to flourish! Therefore, there is no doubt that several people can earn handsome amounts with this affiliate program.

If this MLM program was a fake, then how can it have so many positive reviews? How can the affiliates write share their own personal experience of earning money from Zeek Rewards? Well, these are the people who have polished their skills of web-based lead generation so well.


This Zeek rewards review shows that this mlm marketing program is not a scam. In fact, it is a type of a pyramid program wherein an unemployed member can join someone’s network or pyramid to earn. Above all, the members are their own boss!



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