Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing

Reviewed by admin on August - 28 - 2012

When interested in finding the right dating website for your needs, you begin with reviews or testimonials. This is what I did when I run into Xdating.com. At the first view, the website seems legit and can easily convince you that this is what you want. It describes itself as  the perfect place to find a mate for your necessities, whether you look after a longterm relationship or a simple sexual one.

Once I got in there, I found myself a little surprised to see eight individuals interested in getting to know me. I got some messages that convinced me right away. In order to reply, communicate and move on with your new friends, you are asked for money. The more months you pay for, the cheaper you end up per month. So I decided to take a three month subscription. I thought it was a good idea, as I saved some money. But then, I ended up regretting it.

The truth

Once I made the payment, I was surprised to find out all the people interested in me disappeared. I replied to a lot of messages, yet nothing happened. Xdating.com is not the first dating website I tried. From my experience, one out of three people reply back, especially when they are the ones to make the first step. Once I registered, all the eight fans I got almost instantly vanished and seemed inactive. Then I realized that I should have checked for some Xdating.com scam reviews or suspicions first. But then, there was nothing else to do. I lost my money, so I thought to stay optimistic and looked for people matching me. No matter how many messages I sent, none of them had any results.


This is when I began looking after Xdating.com Scam testimonials and unfortunately for my morale, I found plenty of them. It seems I was not the only one being attacked by people interested in me who vanish once you make the first payment. More men complained about girls disappearing once they got money. It is not unusual for someone to send others money for a plane ticket, for instance. Although I would never do it, there are people who are naive enough. At that moment, I realized nothing good could happen. A couple of months later, I logged back in to check for updates. I had none.

What happened later

Meanwhile, I decided to ignore Xdating.com and I joined other websites, mostly for free. Although there are plenty of fake profiles or scammers on such websites, it is not hard to eliminate them from your searches. Three months have passed and I got no mail notifications regarding any activity. However, I got to realize later that the nightmare was far from being over. Soon after my subscription expired, I got taxed for another three months from my credit card. I got really pissed off and decided to take a look over the registration terms before calling a lawyer. Then again, I got tricked again. If you don’t cancel the subscription, you are taxed continuously for the same period you purchased initially.

All in all, the multitude of Xdating.com Scam reviews you see are positive and no matter how tempting the website seems, stay away from it.

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