Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing

Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing

By | August 28, 2012

When interested in finding the right dating website for your needs, you begin with reviews or testimonials. This is what I did when I run into Xdating.com. At the first view, the website seems legit and can easily convince you that this is what you want. It describes itself as the perfect place to find a mate for your necessities, whether you look at a long-term relationship or a simple sexual one.

Once I got in there, I found myself a little surprised to see eight individuals interested in getting to know me. I got some messages that convinced me right away. To reply, communicate and move on with your new friends, you are asked for money. The more months you pay for, the cheaper you end up per month. So I decided to take a three-month subscription. I thought it was a good idea, as I saved some money. But then, I ended up regretting it.

The truth

Once I made the payment, I was surprised to find out all the people interested in me disappeared. I replied to a lot of messages, yet nothing happened. Xdating.com is not the first dating website I tried. From my experience, one out of three people replies back, especially when they are the ones to make the first step. Once I registered, all the eight fans I got almost instantly vanished and seemed inactive. Then I realized that I should have checked for some Xdating.com scam reviews or suspicions first. But then, there was nothing else to do. I lost my money, so I thought to stay optimistic and looked for people matching me. No matter how many messages I sent, none of them had any results.


When I began looking after Xdating.com Scam testimonials and unfortunately for my morale; I found plenty of them. It seems I was not the only one being attacked by people interested in me who vanish once you make the first payment. More men complained about girls disappearing once they got money. It is not unusual for someone to spend others money for a plane ticket, for instance. Although I would never do it, some people are naive enough. At that moment, I realized nothing good could happen. A couple of months later, I logged back in to check for updates. I had none.

What happened later

Meanwhile, I decided to ignore Xdating.com, and I joined other websites, mostly for free. Although there are plenty of fake profiles or scammers on such websites, it is not hard to eliminate them from your searches. Three months have passed, and I got no mail notifications regarding any activity. However, I got to realize later that the nightmare was far from being over. Soon after my subscription expired, I got taxed for another three months from my credit card. I got pissed off and decided to take a look at the registration terms before calling a lawyer. Then again, I got tricked again. If you don’t cancel the subscription, you are taxed continuously for the same period you purchased initially.

All in all, the multitude of Xdating.com Scam reviews you see are positive and no matter how tempting the website seems, stay away from it.

“Feel free to leave a comment by filling the following form, the number of likes I got on this article shows that i saved many people from getting scammed by this program”




10 thoughts on “Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing

  1. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing AlexNo Gravatar

    Yes, those sites are scams. One of my friend upgrade his subscription, he never get those messages again.

    1. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing J.LNo Gravatar

      This is the only way I found to comment on this discussion. So hope you don’t mind if I borrow this space.

      I got VERY LUCKY with this site. I did meet someone on this site and have not ever been more happier in my entire life and we still are together and planning to marry.
      Lets cut to the chase now. The way I believe to break away clean is work out how to start talking on another media (texting, e-mail, etc.).

      For guys it sucks!!! We have to (or I did have to pay) to talk. Lucky I stuck my thumb out to talk.

  2. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing JINNo Gravatar

    Cant you ask your bank to refund the money back to your card ? if the services that is advertised isn’t provided, by law you are allowed your hard earned cash back ?

    1. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing adminNo Gravatar Post author

      Well, You can raise an issue but it’s NON-TANGIBLE TRANSACTION so it might be not easy to charge back but still you can try.

  3. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing JINNo Gravatar

    lol xdating responded to my email……..

    Dear User,

    I can assure you there are tens of thousands of real users on our site. The proof is that people all over the world write ‘thank you’ emails to the help desk daily because they found someone.

    However it’s a fact a dating site also attracts a lot of spammers and scammers. They create fake accounts with fake information and try to collect email addresses by sending out winks or upgrade with stolen credit card information. Our fraud department blocks close to 500 users daily because of this but sadly there are always some who slip through our system.

    1. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing GeorgeNo Gravatar

      JIN, unfortunately this is NOT a reply to you from the service team of XDating. I have been a victim too and I can tell you that this is a computer generated reply. I complained to them with two different issues on two different days and I got exactly the reply you got. In all XDating is the BIGGEST scam, relying on desires of inocent victims.
      To test them out I had oppened two accounts (one as a Premium and one as a Standard). In the premium one I got a message from a lady in the USA which was identical to a message from a lady in South Africa, the two being apart 2 weeks. This was the proof that I was waiting for to make me decide to write them a message (a very rude one) and tell them what they are. Their reply was immediate (not even 10 sec) although the responce is suppose to come from LA in the USA within 48 hrs. No suprise there !!! Simply they told me to mind my language as they are legit and they receive 1000s of thank you letters – and if I continue being rude they will ignore me !!!

      Unfotunately I lost the 60$ (59$ to be axact), I discontinued payment and deleted both accounts – There is nothing one can do as they give so many pages of tiny script to read on the conditions of the service, which if red, the subscriber would lose interest or being dead by the time the document is finished. Within the document all right are reserved by the service provider and nobody can claim damages….

      So sorry for all those who fall victims in such unscrupulous services. There is NONE that provide a decent dating service.

  4. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing riayzNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the post. You saved me from becoming yet another victim (as I had decided to become a premium member). Another thing that I noticed is that, there are more females than males as premium members from India which is very questionable. There is hardly any males from India who have become premium members which is very surprising. Most of them, wise ones who have learnt the lesson hard way, are std members (free) where as in the real world, it is the other way. Tell me which website is genuine and gives value for money!

    1. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing adminNo Gravatar Post author

      You must try POF (Plenty of Fish) I heard they are best in dating sites.

  5. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing LouNo Gravatar

    Xdating is a scam but I must say they are rather reasonable. My son used my visa and set up a premium acct today. Once I found out I called them to cancel the acct and the they refunded my 29.95 right away. I received an email to confirm.

  6. Xdating.com Scam Review – How I Lost My Money for Nothing gregNo Gravatar

    Xdating is a scam I had so many girls interested i could not believe my luck.As they say when that happens you should be wary cause chances are you right it is unbelievable. Once i payed to message all these girls GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Vanished,DONT USE THIS SITE ITS A SCAM XDATING IS A RIP OFF PEOPLE!!!!!!


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