What is the best HGH supplement?

Human Growing Hormone or more commonly, HGH, is a natural hormone secreted by the human body which is responsible for the development and growth of the human body. However, it is used in all modern industries as a supplement for helping people grow stronger, building muscles, becoming taller or even to maintain the youth of the skin. All industries from the cosmetic ones to the food industry and pharmaceutics now produce supplements containing HGH, promising a healthier body and a more luminous complexion. However, do all supplements are necessary for the human body to develop harmoniously?


Few people know that they can boost their natural growing hormone and achieve a healthier and good looking body by just eating the right foods. Foods rich in proteins and calcium such as meat, soy, milk, eggs or beans can stimulate the natural secretion of HGH and determine the body to grow healthy and vigorous. These combined with a good night sleep, a less hectic lifestyle and some simple stretching and Pilates workout routines, are the key to a rejuvenated body. However, for those who are looking for a faster way to grow a few inches taller, put on some more weight or only looking for the Fountain of Youth, HGH supplements are the easiest way.

How to release human growth fast?

Before rushing into the first drug store to buy such supplements, it is important to know that synthetic human growth hormone is only available by prescription, and it must be injected. Human growth hormone shots are mainly used to treat rare deficiencies that can appear to adults and are said to increase bone density and muscle mass while also decreasing the body fat and increasing the capacity for physical exercises. For those of you looking to reduce the number of wrinkles and feel youthful and joyful once more, I suggest the following two HGH-based pills and supplements: GenF20 Plus and HGH Factor.


People who used HGH-based rejuvenators felt, after only three months of treatment, lighter and with a boost of energy. Moreover, many patients described that the supplements helped them lose cellulite and wrinkles while gaining more muscles. Patients also gained back their sexual potency and a more peaceful sleep, and improved vision and memory, a better bone density and even a lower cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are looking to achieve at least some of the benefits mentioned above, pills such as HGH Factor and GenF20 Plus might do the trick for you.


Ever since its first appearance on the market, HGH Factor has been considered a revolutionary product that can restore youth and help elders improve their physical and mental condition. Studies conducted on several patients over 65 years old showed that both products are great and achieve the desired results, but the HGH Factor takes months to show satisfaction.

One good thing about HGH Factor is that it comes in a free trial version and that patients do not have to spend a large quantity of money when buying the product. 96% of the persons interviewed recommended this product as it delivered good results and made patients feel younger than other HGH supplement. After one month of treatment, most subjects reported an increased level of energy and mental focus, as well as a more quiet sleep. Overall the remedy influenced patients to feel up to 20 years younger and regain their physical strength and power.

On the other hand, GenF20 Plus received positive feedback as well. For only $59.95 patients will receive enough pills for three months as well as 30 days warranty. This product is in many ways similar to the previous one, delivering the same results for older patients. However, the main difference between these two products is that the latter is a mix based more on herbs, which makes it more natural and safer to ingest. Also, while HGH Factor focuses more on working with the cells, GenF20 reacts with the pituitary gland directly, generating positive effects easier and faster. Among the positive results patients have experienced one can encounter: age decreasing, significant weight loss, a boosted overall metabolism, and more energy. Besides, the majority of questioned patients reported a younger look and feeling. If you feel that a standard remedy can cause painful side effects and even become dangerous for your health, I strongly suggest you should try first the GenF20 Plus supplement. It has the mixture of herbs and natural essences; there are significant fewer chances for adverse reactions to occur.

However, both medicines have their positive sides and drawbacks, only depending on the patient which product they will choose. From related personal experiences, I can guarantee for the effects of both products in about same proportions, with the only difference that the final product starts delivering results sooner than the first one. In the end, no product will guarantee 100% satisfying results if it combined with a more nutritious diet, more physical exercises, fewer worries, and an improved overall mood.


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