Triclosan Toothpaste – The Truth Behind The Controversy

Triclosan is a chemical compound released in 1972. Overtime, it has made its way into plenty of antibacterial products used in personal care. It is now used in various hygiene products, yet it has also raised a series of controversies. More and more people choose to avoid the popular triclosan toothpaste due to the exquisite side effects, yet many others embrace it for its benefits. Doing your homework is usually the key to a good final decision. After all, a good choice is supposed to be an educated one.

Benefits of triclosan toothpaste

Apparently safe

Despite the latest research studies, triclosan is an apparently safe substance. There is a lot of evidence related to its powers against bacterial infections. From this point of view, it represents a solid alternative to various medications, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. Moreover, if you think about it, it is practically impossible to create a perfectly safe chemical.

Anti-inflammatory effects

While triclosan was not necessarily developed to help against inflammations, this is a positive side effect associated with the administration. Aside from killing bacterias, a proper administration will also lower the appearance of infected parts. It seems that it mostly works on skin and gums. This is the main reason for the development of a triclosan toothpaste.

Uses in children

Triclosan is properly used to treat impetigo in children. The skin requires anti inflammatory medications due to the severe bacterial attack. From this point of view, triclosan seems to be the perfect solution. It must be prescribed by a specialist doctor though.

Severe risks associated with triclosan toothpaste

No research studies

The good effects of Triclosan have never been proven in people. Current studies related to its benefits are not conclusive enough. When used in rats, it has caused both goods and bads.


When tested on rats, triclosan has been proven to cause severe and almost permanent fertility issues. In other words, people who use this substance regularly are very likely to lose the ability to conceive children overtime. Even if they do manage to become pregnant, women are exposed to high risks of giving birth to children with harsh neurological issues.


Triclosan has been proven to cause different types of cancer. Most commonly, it can cause breast cancer. While most triclosan toothpaste manufacturers claim that such studies have been mostly performed on animals, there are several studied conducted in the 1990s on humans too.

What the FDA has to say

FDA has not made any public statements regarding this controversy. Its credibility has been seriously altered over the past decade though. The same technique has been adopted in numerous other cases, whether it comes to medications for schizophrenia, testosterone replacement therapies or vaginal devices. They were all claimed to be safe until independent studies proved that they can be fatal. This is when the FDA steps in and issues warnings though.

Is it worth the risk? Most people agree that the harmful effects and damage of a triclosan toothpaste will become obvious within years. Unfortunately for some people, these problems will be impossible to repair, so you better be cautious.

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