Smart Date Review

Smart Date

So recently i stumbled upon this nice looking dating site called smart date and i signed up for it and found few people which were real unlike most other dating sites. I had bad experience with other dating site and most consisted of fake profiles.

Smart date currently has millions of users visiting the site daily. You can easily browse members profile send them messages, chatting, video chat and much more features. Smart date is based on new content of dating and you will have to join them to find out how good it is! Smart date can easily be considered as next generation dating site with so many amazing features it has!

It’s actually free to sign up for smart date and you don’t need to provide them credit card info unless you opt for higher membership. I meat few nice people on that site and i am dating one of them right now. Be sure to check out the profiles of member carefully before you contact them, some times there can be fake profiles around as its on most dating site, we cant help it.

Smart date is very user friendly and great dating site i login there everyday and i am kind of addicted to it because of its interface. Other sites have very bad interface thats why i don’t visit them much. On the other hand smart date is totally different from other dating sites in every aspect like good interface, real people, and user support.

Smart date is surely not a scam dating site and i really love it! So if you are looking to join a dating site then smart date is what you should join. You can upgrade to higher membership later on but its absolutely free to sign up and they won’t even take your credit card details.

Recently i had bad experience with which scammed me for over $40. I entered my credit card info on that site for 3 days trial, later i cancelled it after 2 days but still they charged my credit card for over $40, so you should avoid a site like that and join some genuine site like smart date.

So check out smart date today and find out the person you are looking for!

11 thoughts on “Smart Date Review

  1. I first signed up five months ago and then forgot about it. But last month I took the β€œtask” up again. I felt lazy to start searching again for my ideal man but to tell you the truth, it has been a lot easier than I thought. I found a very interesting guy that I am currently dating, and the best thing is that he lives in my city so we can spend more time together and work on our relationship. The researching criterias are useful in order to find people in your area, so that you do not fall in love with someone you will hardly ever see because he lives 1,000 km away from you!

  2. I signed up only 3 weeks ago and to me it’s been working OK. It’s easy and quick! Only 5 minutes after my registration I was already on the chat with 4 girls. It is true that there are some fake profiles, but that happens in every single dating site, they can’t help it, we can only report them. Apart from that, the experience is being absolutely positive,already had a couple of dates that went really well. Good luck to all love seekers!

  3. I only registered last night and I am already so excited! I have only logged in once yet and I am happy. It is easy and confortable to use and there is a huge bunch of lads! Hope to be as lucky as you!

  4. Nice article and completely agree with all you said, ADMIN, it was a good surprise stumbling upon smartdate, is making me enjoy my time. The site works well, has a good design and fun features… Recommendable πŸ˜‰

  5. Great site, user friendly, nice web design and a huge member pool. I like the way its also friend oriented as thats what I am looking for. Im new in the city and didnt know anyone before coming here, but through smartdate I met really nice people and now have people to hang around with the weekends!

  6. Is a great site. I have tried other sites but this was the best. I met some cool lads and went once on a date, although it was not the perfect date, didnt like the guy face to face. I am still looking for my best match. The site is addictive!

  7. I worked here, I left…
    CEO is a crook and asked us to mislead users about charges.
    When you sign in they give a price per month but you are charged for one full year minimum even if you decide to leave after 5 days and no refunds
    Most profiles are fake.

  8. What I like most about smartdate is its integration with facebook. best feature, brilliant idea. it also works with facebook! πŸ™‚

  9. I joined Smartdate for 6 mouths.I had over 1300 messages from woman but still haven’t found a date.What I found annoying about the site was the location of the lady you were writing to.They say they come from Portsmouth and you find out they are actually from Nigeria or some other remote places.I wrote to lots of woman on there and so so many asked me for money before I’ve even meet them,of course I never wrote back to them but I found it frustrating that you try and build up a bond with someone and then they just ask you for money.My advice don’t bother with Smartdate.Try somewhere else.

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