Sleep Deprivation – Quit Torturing Yourself

Are you aware that extreme sleep deprivation has been used as a torture technique by every major civilization for centuries? That is right, sleep deprivation is the oldest form of human torture on the planet. Keeping the body awake, instead of allowing it to rest and repair itself, can lead to extreme physical impairment and even death. Why would you willing subject yourself to torture if there was a way to prevent it?

Sleep Deprivation

It is estimated that well over half of the world population is suffering from some form of sleep deprivation, and this is self-inflicted deprivation. Like water and food, sleep is a needed biological sustenance that allows the body to thrive and maintain efficiency. Studies have shown that prolonged sleep deprivation has the same mortality time frame as starvation which is two weeks. Two weeks of no sleep or no food and your body will have the same reaction, death. While the majority of people do not have to worry about extreme conditions, all sleep deprived people have to worry about the loss of cognitive ability and physical impairments resulting from loss of sleep.

Without a doubt, the single most dangerous affliction for the human population is currently sleep deprivation. It does not discriminate and, more importantly, it is self-inflicted. Though you may think that you are the only one who suffers from your lack of sleep, keep in mind that every day you get behind the wheel of a car or other device. Sleep deprivation causes an entire host of problems and many of them can cause dangerous situations for yourself and others.

Loss of sleep can be attributed any number of factors; including but not limited to stress, interruption, medical conditions. In the past, the only two options for reclaiming lost sleep were prescription drugs and over the counter sleep aids. Both were relatively effective in putting the consumer to sleep, but they had considerable drawbacks. From extreme dependency and addiction to tolerance and daytime sleepiness. Why would anyone take a drug to combat the lack of sleep, only to have it keep you asleep all day long too?

There is finally a solution that maximizes effectiveness and completely minimizes the downsides. Alteril sleep aid is a thoroughly holistic and natural product that does not contain sedatives or any drugs. The ingredients in Alteril are as easy on the system as a warm bath is to a baby. There is no need to fear dependence on the drug because there is no drug to become dependent on. Alteril contains natural herbal remedies and amino acids that have been proven through the centuries to prevent sleep deprivation and promote healthy sleep patterns. Alteril is the perfect weapon against an age old torture technique, as it is an age old remedy reformulated for modern usage.

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