Phentermine Side Effects

There are some Phentermine side effects based on user experience, we are going to list them one by one but first we would like to tell you what is phentermine and how does it work. Phentermine is considered as a Catalyst which helps in production of some stress hormones like dopamine. Hormones like dopamine play very vital role in suppression of appetite that being the main reason we use phentermine.

As we all know most appetite suppressing supplements like phentermine and hoodia have some side effects which are very obvious because such things are capable of creating drastic changes in the body which can work in favor or against your body system. You can have a look at  hoodia side effects.

Top 11 phentermine side effects based on user feedback –

Xerostomia – Dry mouth




Poor vision



Libido changes

Slow reaction

High blood pressure


How does it work?

Phentermine gives us more energy and sharpens all the senses, it supplies more air to the body which passes oxygen from the air to our muscles helping us work more fast. It releases more endorphin that’s why many people experience less sensitivity to any kind of pains because endorphin hormone is known to kill the pain.

Along with this human arteries gets narrowed and veins gets extended which helps in quick blood returning to the heart.

This whole process helps reduce appetite and losing weight which is why most people use it.

How to avoid Phentermine side effects?

Excess  dosage of any supplement, drugs, medicine can be bad so always take your doctor’s advise before proceeding with anything. Weight loss drugs like hoodia and phentermine are known to effect your brain which effects internal parts of body including liver, kidney, teeth etc.

Phentermine side effects depends upon certain factors such as person age, sex, dosage etc. If you are below 18 you should avoid taking this drug.

Dosage of this supplement can really effect your body, according to user experience 15 mg phentermine causes very less side effects as compared to 30 mg phentermine. 37.5 mg phentermine causes most side effects and should be avoided if possible.

You should avoid taking phentermine if you are suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, Thyroid diseases, glaucoma. It is also advised not to take phentermine with other medications such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors which is usually took for treatment of depression. Pregnant womens should avoid phentermine due to possible side effects.

Is phentermine safe?

To be honest no weight loss drugs are safe because all of them have possible side effects, but this does not mean we can’t use them. if we use them correctly we can avoid most side effects. Many people use this supplement and face some side effects for short period but they also get good results from it that’s why it’s used by thousands of people looking to lose weight.

Just keep in mind you will face phentermine side effects are not permanent and they will only occur as long as you use it. Phentermine is responsible for making changes in nervous system by making more oxygen available for the body and it fills up more oxygen in the muscles.

Even with the possible side effects people will keep on using this drug as it has many benefits such as weight loss, more energy, becoming more active. Always take your doctor advise on dosage, and timings of taking phentermine to avoid it’s side effects.

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