Does Nutrisystem 5 day Kit Work?

In this era, weight control or weight loss has become an important silent battle for many. I thought i’d offer my own NutriSystem review. Thanks to the health campaigns against unhealthy diets which have reached more and more people, today’s more popular commercial diet plan called Nutrisystem has been formally introduced to the public. Interestingly, The Beginners ask, does this program work?

Let me begin by telling you a brief overview of what nutrisystem program is all about. A nutrisystem is a diet program that helps people lose all that unwanted weight without the need for regular gym visits. It works by giving you all the right food to get your body to a fat burning state. At times, the program manages to make you consume food that appear to be completely not right for a diet. Those foods include fudge brownies, chips, cereals, and whatnot. Ironically, it’s not what you think. The truth is that these foods are all low in carbs and tailored for your body to get the perfect glycemic combination, eventually triggering your body to burn fat.

Does this system work?

Generally yes, the system works. You have probably heard success stories of some celebrities after having used this method. Also, numerous regular people all over the internet also tell us how they have become successful in their weight loss battles by using the program. Note however that this is never a magic bullet. Discipline and sticking to the diet plan are both still very important in order to achieve good results. Remember also that you are required to augment the meals you get from the program with vegetables or salads to achieve even far better results. Otherwise, failure to do will lead you to weaker results. Hence, to speed up the process, one really has to abide by with the rules.
In addition to the multitude of nutrisystem testimonials from people currently using it and losing weight with it, if you happen to be working long hours at your workplace, or a busy parent running children around, or are constantly running around for one reason or another, then the nutrisystem will most likely work for you. It offers you so much convenience. Also, if you are someone who needs some support to help you, then the nutrisystem provides that too through its free counselling, the online newsletters and classes, and chat rooms and bulletin boards where you can engage on healthy diet discussions.

Hence, in totality, to answer the query from the beginners: Yes, the nutrisystem works.

Discovering How Much Nutrisystem Cost

Are you considering the nutrisystem diet program? Are you now worried about just how much it might cost for you to be in such program? Many famous celebrities have enrolled themselves in this program. Do you think it’s expensive such that only rich people can avail of it? How much do you think does this cost? For all of these, let’s try to find reliable answers in order to clear our queries.

The nutrisystem program is actually a meal replacement program which is based off on a favorable glycemic index. Consequently, once you’ve decided to try this program, you would then have to eat five pre-packaged meals a day. However you must also supplement it with your own healthy additions such as salads and fruits. Generally, these meals are actually low in calories and high in protein, hence your body would then burn more stored fat. Moreover, reports tell us that some people have been losing 2-3 pounds every week while subscribing to this diet plan. While it is true that there can be so many diet methods to choose from, this program seems to be the safest and most convenient method. In addition, this program also offers a variety of plans for people to choose from. For instance, there are women’s plan, men’s plan, vegetarian plans and diabetic plans. Now, remember that all of these plans are priced similarly. That’s one very good thing you must take not of. Interestingly, when you purchase a package under this, you will be regularly given breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts that will provide you a healthy diet for the entire month. So, how much does this cost?

Here are the current prices for the two most widely subscribed nutrisystem packages. Now, for each option you can choose either a women’s or men’s plan.
First, there is the Nutrisystem Basic Plan. This provides us with 28 days worth of meals, all sent to you in a single shipment. Remember that these meals are ready-to-go and so don’t require refrigeration. Our safe estimates would tell us that the average monthly cost for the women’s basic plan is currently $352.23, plus the shipping fee of $18.95. The Men’s plan is $385.56 plus the shipping fee.

Second, there is also the so-called Basic Plan with Auto-Delivery. Here, you can save more money immediately as there’s free shipping. This also saves you money on your food with a 10% discount on each order. This may go even up to 15% after the third order. In many cases, when you first sign up this plan, you usually get one week of free meals for each of your first two 28-day orders. For women, an estimate of $299.95 may cost your one month meals, whereas, $329.95 for men.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what you can expect to pay for NutriSystem program.

Diet Analysis Tool

dietanalysisThe Main website offers a handy diet analysis tool, which is very useful even if you don’t plan on signing up to the program. When you fill in your details like your height weight and gender, they give you a personalized run down of your BMI (body mass index). They also provide their opinion of the best diet course for your body.Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 15.16.21

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