Lipozene Scam – Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did!

Reviewed by admin on July - 12 - 2012

Even when I actually got to save some pounds, I got everything back up when I quit the diet. This is because most diets come with secondary effects. They affect people differently and I had a pretty hard time dealing with them. I was always in a bad mood and would never involve in my regular daily activities again.


This is when I run into Lipozene and I tried to find out more about it. Judging by the self description, the product seemed pretty useful, so I thought to give it a shot. I wanted something natural, effective and with good results in the long run. I don’t normally judge by the official presentation, as no manufacturer will ever point the disadvantages of its product, therefore, I looked after reviews. Some of them were positive and a few were negative, but no product is perfect and no product can make everyone happy.

 Lipozene Scam

Lipozene Scam

First effects

The Lipozene scam suspicions started gaining popularity in my world when I ended up feeling bad and I barely lost any weight. It took me weeks to drop a couple of pounds, while my appetite was low and I was having trouble concentrating or adopting a positive mood. I then decided to dig a little deeper and actually understood what this product is about.


Just like most other weight loss supplements, this one claims to be natural and there actually are a few natural extracts, but if you spend a few minutes to find out what each other ingredient does, you will be thrilled. Glucomannan is a harmful drug and when taken in large amounts, it will affect the digestive tract in a negative way by obstructing it. To help you understand how harmful it might be, it is banned in a few countries. The manufacturer claims it stops your hunger and will give you some extra fibers and this is actually true. The amount of fiber you get is insignificant, while the hunger is eliminated due to obstructions. This is definitely not among your expectations.

Free trials

You probably think there are no Lipozene scam suspicions when you can try out this program for free. However, the risk free trials are not as risk free as they seem at the first view. You are asked to return the product in a month usually. If you fail to do it, the manufacturer will charge you more money, not to mention about receiving continuous packages. Therefore, double check all the terms before ordering. I failed to do so and I ended up with a few extra packages I have no use for.

Clinic tests

I convinced myself the Lipozene Scam suspicions are for real when I realized there are no actual tests performed, although the manufacturer claims it. Well, no matter how much you search, they are impossible to find. The truth is different though. It seems a few institutes have actually fined the manufacturer with $1.5 million for the misleading and fake claims about the results, which are supposed to help people lose weight.

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