Lethal Commission Review

Anik Singal’s Lethal Commission

If you’ve heard about Commission Domination and Profit Jackpot, two of the successful projects engineered by Anik Singal, then you would realize how formidable the product would be. His partner, Jimmy Kim also led a hand in the creation of successful Clickbank products.

This software is intended for use even by neophytes in internet marketing. Being user friendly, there really is no need to be a computer geek to actually put the product to action. This is the strength of this product since other products would entail more-than-basic techie knowledge to be able to use it. The user is only required to upload the product, enter some required information and then the software will automatically do its job as the user sits back and relaxes.

Through Lethal Commission, the user will be able to manage and control all of his websites. With the information you provide the software, it will automatically create for you optimized websites which is said to surely receive a huge amount of traffic through back-to-back techniques. First being that, it attracts traffic from hundreds and thousands of free sources from the web. For example, it rides on the popular product launches that are expected to attract huge traffic. Furthermore, the software automatically creates backlinks to your website by submitting your website’s RSS feeds to the best RSS directories periodically.

Reviews about Lethal Commission would tell you, that with this internet marketing software you don’t have to bother with all those Search Engine Optimization techniques because it will do it all for you. Its traffic software primarily helps your website to be at the top of search engines. It also notifies these search engines when you have new posts on your website.

The software has some interesting features like the Command Center, Keyword Research, Website Content, RSS Blaster, Blog Manager and Social Syndicator – all of which contributing to the reaching the ultimate goal of acquiring the most number of clients possible. The Keyword Research feature allows you to determine which words are going to be used by potential customers to search for the product or products you are offering which you can use in conceptualizing what goes into your website. The Website Content feature frees you from writing all those nitty gritty articles for your website.

The RSS Blaster ensures that your websites and recent posts are populated on the web. The Social Syndicator lets you take advantage of social networking sites in the advertisement of your products all in one platform while the Blog Manager allows you to manage and organize your blogs for your various websites in one setting. Finally, the Command Center is where you manage the software and all of its features.

Although the actual price of Lethal Commission has not been publicized yet, the positive previews about the product all point out that whatever the price of the software, it will all be worth it with the benefits you can get from it.

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