Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam

Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam

By | January 26, 2011

You must have stumbled upon a site which looks like a legit news site offering some kelly richards work from home program and showing you 3 steps to become rich overnight. I have seen many people getting scammed by work from home programs like that, they might seem to be very legit but after you purchase the kit, you will find that it just contains couple of cd’s or some sort of guides which you can find over internet for free.

Programs like kelly richards work from home are usually considered scam as it does not offer what the author mentions on the site. You will read that this program will make you rich within days without doing much work which is not true. You will first need to learn a lot more before you can start making money from work from home programs like that.

Don’t get impressed with pics of few men and women holding checks of 5 thousands dollars because it can be easily faked and are not the genuine screenshots. But still many people bring such work from home programs and later find it to be scam and do a credit card chargeback.

If you have seen some kelly richards which pretends to work with google and making huge money then don’t fall for it as it’s and fake character created by the site owner. These people earn certain amount of commission when they sell such products to you, these might be trial work from home programs or an program asking for $75 upfront.

If you see any kelly richards work from home program on any site on the internet offering you some home income profit system then don’t purchase it as it will turn out to be a Scam . When you first enter your credit card number they will charge you small fee of less then 3 dollars which is pretended to be shipping cost but after 1 week they will charge your credit card with over $70 program fee and you will find it hard to cancel the subscription.

Recently few people approached me and told me about the incident and i gave them advice to not fall for such scams in future and always research before buying products like kelly richards work from home programs.

According to such scam websites kelly richards is a work at home mom which works part time and makes thousands of dollars from google. Sometimes you might see your location when you enter such websites, like if you live in florida you will see your location name published and heading like “Florida mom makes $6000 working part time from home”, here many people get fooled as this is very easy to do for such sites owner by catching your ip address with some script. I can show you example of this in the following line where i will catch your location based on your ip, read the following line-

Kelly richards from // makes $7487/month

Or it will be like work at home mum makes $7487/month

After you read the whole content on such sites you will find people leaving some comments about the programs and saying that they make thousands with such program. Those comments are also fake ones and are created by the site owner and his team to convince you to purchase the work from home program offered on there sites.

So i would suggest all my blog readers to stop falling for such work from home scams and start finding some legit program if you are looking to make money working from home.

There is a lot of free info given on net, just do some research and you can start making money online without any cost!

Feel free to leave a comment by filling the following form, the number of likes i got on this article shows that i saved many people from getting scammed by this program.

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88 thoughts on “Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam

  1. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam GodfreyNo Gravatar

    wow thanks for saving me!
    i didnt know it was a scam..i am a beginner in online money making.
    can you please guide me a little how i cani earn legit money from the internet?

    Thank you.

  2. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam peterNo Gravatar

    thanks for the info 。but what you do all this time online ?i mean how does it work?

  3. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Abdul-RashidNo Gravatar

    Thank you for the useful information. I nearly got myself into it.

  4. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam bobNo Gravatar

    I nearly got myself into it. if kelly richards is a scam program, how about yours??

  5. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JohnNo Gravatar

    NEVER buy work at home jobs. They are all scams. If there is one legit, that’s what they want you to think. REAL money comes from REAL jobs.

  6. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JesseNo Gravatar

    How exactly can one know that this person isn’t just trying to sell his own “Scam” by using the tactic of pointing out somone elses scam and how you shouldn’t by their start-up package, yet rather his own for $100. Not to say it isn’t legit, just makes me question the whole thing. I wonder if somethings fishy here?? I’m just as curious as Peter in stating “What do you have to do online” to make the type of $ you’d be referring to…

  7. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam David WilloughbyNo Gravatar

    I work online at home, and I can say from my experience, any online stay at home job that seems to be too good to be true, is probably fake. They do these type of scams for 1. easy money maker, if you know how to do it and set it up. 2. Only take online jobs if you know the boss, or person you work for, individually.

    Lots of fake online jobs, usually steal job applications from other business’s and change it up a bit too make it look legitimate. Best thing too do, is to goto the store and pick up the application there. I’m glad its about time someone posted something about this scam though, my email(s) are getting filled with it.

    1. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam claraNo Gravatar

      David, read your post that you are doing online work now? Could you help or guide me how to get legit one without having to pay anything? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  8. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam SteveNo Gravatar

    Aren’t things tough enough out there without people trying to scam money out of those people who are struggling as it is.

    These fraudsters should be locked up

    Well done for putting up this website

  9. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Gilberto LopezNo Gravatar

    Thank you for this useful information. I was nearly going to do it. Can you show me how to make money from home please. I ceriously need money to pay for all of my bills.

  10. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam desireeNo Gravatar

    Hey there! I just got an E-mail and didn’t know if I actually know the person who send it to me. I googled it and thank God came to your page! Read the E-mail:

    “Hello Desiree,

    I hope your job is going good. I just wanted to tell you about a great job opp in Saint Charles. Desiree we have had few of our members take this opp and I have heard some great stories.

    The newspaper has an article featuring one of our clients, Kelly Richards. It will also provide you all the important information you need to get started. Desiree the link is and I believe the article will be featured on the home-page until tomorrow.

    Talk to you later

    Best wishes
    Laura Swogger ”

    For a minute I really thought something was wrong with my memory and I just totally forgot who this person was. How dare them writing me like they know me??????

  11. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam TracyNo Gravatar

    I saw an ad for this on my Facebook page… wow, thought FB would know about the scam before accepting their money to advertise it.

  12. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam AnneNo Gravatar

    Well, I was just about to register with them so thank you for saving me. I do have a job but need to increase my income. Are there any work from home jobs that are legit??

  13. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam robertNo Gravatar


  14. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Lyn MuliolisNo Gravatar

    You’re 100% correct, people should know if money is wanted up FRONT Buyer beware!!!!! There is NO SUCH thing as get rich over night!!! Most people don’t know that these so called successful work at home folks are paid to say just that, and bonuses for hits that pay off. PEOPLE please be ware, money is hard enough to come by without scams out there like that.

  15. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam AbrahamNo Gravatar

    Hi, Thanks you for alert. Can you advice me about the legit work from home without spenting money.

    I just got an E-mail here in Namibia, and didn’t know if it was a scam. I googled it and thank God I came to your page! Read the E-mail:

    I guess your job is going well. I just wanted to alert you to a superb job opportunity in your area. We have had several of our clients take this opp and I have heard lots of great stories.

    The local newspaper has story featuring one of our clients, Kelly Richards. It will also provide you all the relevant info you need to get started. The link is and I guess the story will be featured on the homepage until tomorrow.

    Respectfully yours,
    Maria Smith

  16. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam MariaNo Gravatar

    There is NO Kelly Richards in Raymondville, Texas!
    I know this because I live in Raymondville, Texas and know 99% of the people.

    1. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam SHARONNo Gravatar

      Hi Maria, Thank you for clearing That UP FOR ALL OF US…Sharon

  17. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam ms rNo Gravatar


  18. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam charles BelloNo Gravatar

    Dear friend, its good for the education on the scam. what i would say here is that many are dupped through the internet even some pose to be very true but trust me they are all liars. My advice to all is we have to be very carefull on the internet. Thank you once again my good friend.

  19. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam GioNo Gravatar

    I filled the Work from Home for a couple of days ago. Then stopped before proceeding with the payment when I read all the negative comments on the internet. This morning some guy from the States, his name is Taylor Jordan, called me and in a very aggressive but also persuasive tried explained to me they’re affiliated to Amazon and other stuff I didn’t really get as he was speaking so fast and it was early morning here in Australia. Well, long story short I didn’t give him my credit card number, but would like to know if anyone else has got phone calls like this one.

  20. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam ShaliniNo Gravatar

    Thanks for saving me… even i was just about to click on the pay now button, but decided to google her name and stumbled upon your article. Phew !

  21. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam HollyNo Gravatar

    you say there are legitamite ways of learning to make money on the internet, maybe help some of us out by posting some links!! Any online things making money without cost I am weary of so it’d be nice to see examples of legitamite ones.

  22. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam toniNo Gravatar

    i fell for the scam from the link on facebook i wish i hadnt now i wish i had read this first i have canciled my bank account and had to start again

  23. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JoyceNo Gravatar

    I too was going to sign up for this ‘get rich quick’ scam. But I remembered the last time I did this it took me what seemed like forever to get out of it. Thanks for the heads up. We need more sites like this.

  24. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam nancyNo Gravatar

    hi everyone; i have been looking for working on line for several
    years but i havn’t find even one of them which is not scam so good luck to everyone and please if you find any real working on line jobs let me know.

  25. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam EmmaNo Gravatar

    I almost submit the form.. then Lucky I did check the twitter and type in Kelly Richard then it directs me to this site .. thank you for saving me to this type of scam.

  26. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam TerriNo Gravatar

    Of course this is a scam. You’d be dumber than a bucket of rocks if you even for a second thought this was true. The people writing the positive responses are indeed part of the scam. Just try to locate one of them. No way. Pitiful people just out and out lie, steal your money and run….. running straight to hell.

  27. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam TerriNo Gravatar

    There is no Kelly Richards in Dade City. I live in Dade City. You see, no matter where you live, your city name will replace the name Dade City. S C A M. As stated previously, all the positive remarks and fake checks you see are lies. These positive comments are from “insiders.” I just hate that poor struggling folks, like myself, fall for this crap. I didn’t fall for it. I knew IMMEDIATELY it was a scam. URGH.

  28. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam erinNo Gravatar

    There is no Kelly Richards in Toronto. Unfortunately, i hit the pay now button and then decided to google the name. I just signed up and cancelled yesterday. I’m sure that they will take the $1.95 hosting fee from my card, but since i cancelled in a matter of three hours after i signed up they better not charge me any additional costs for services they are not providing me. I have already spoke with the dispute department of my credit card company and am planning on doing a credit card chargeback and further investagation into this matter.

  29. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam John AndersonNo Gravatar

    Truly educative bless you, I do believe your current subscribers could quite possibly want far more stories like this continue the good work.

  30. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Michael SmithNo Gravatar

    Awfully good appreciate it, I’m sure your current visitors may well want significantly more content such as this keep up the good effort.

  31. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam KNo Gravatar

    Hi, I stupidly saw it on facebook and thought that with it being there and saying BBC and SKY all published articles about it thought it must be ok!
    I went on to the link and did my details. the 5min expiry time had me going so i did it!
    Straight away I had a call from an unknown number, then from 06027737961, i didn’t answer but they left a message. an american woman sating welcome and to call back on XX number. I didn’t. I logged into my email account i provided them but couldn’t get in!! I began to panic then!!! I ran out of my house to a cash machine took all my money out came back and called my bank to cancel my card – all within 20mins of hitting enter! I hope they didn’t get chance to take the initial fee of $1,95 and hopefully this will prevent them taking anything else!!! I can’t believe I was sooooo stupid!! I feel sick!!! My boyfriend will go mental if he finds out!!! I’m in such a panic. But I have cancelled my card, and changed all passwords on my emails etc! I don’t know if they hacked that but its a coincidence woudln’t you say???

  32. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam KNo Gravatar

    This is the small print!!! I went back through the website giving made up details and guess what??? I was approved!!!!

    To access your website, a nominal charge of $1.95 USD is needed for us to know that you are a real person. Upon payment, you’ll receive instant access to your very own website for a 5-day trial-enrollment. After your trial-enrollment expires, in order to keep your website active and available on the internet, you agree that your card will be charged $29.95 per month for hosting and maintenance. There are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. You may cancel anytime simply by calling our office toll-free at (0808) 234-9862.

  33. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam KNo Gravatar

    I called the number and got an American guy called Jim. I told him I’d like to cancel my account.He says the $1,95 has already come out but he can assure me that nothing further will be on this account! even tho I told him my bank was cancelled, he said the money was with them!! he gave me a cancellation number which was only 4 digits, I found this strange! He asked why after only being a member for an hour was I cancelling and I told he because it was a scam! He went quiet and said OK, your account is closed! I ended the call saying that I hope I wouldn’t be hearing from this company again and he said no your account is shut down!
    I still feel terribly sick about being so dumb!!! I can only blame the fact I lost my job on Friday to my desperation! Needless to say I have learnt my lesson!!! What an idiot I feel!

  34. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam BubbaTNo Gravatar

    Whaaaat I made $49,342.72 my first two weeks with the Play-on-a-computer-and-become-an-instant-millionaire at home scam. Of course, I had to ship a kidney and one of my eyes to an undisclosed address in Nigeria. And my wife left me and took the kids because I spend every waking hr on the computer. Also found that Meth is a great pick me up. But hey I’m rich!

  35. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam sNo Gravatar

    I got suspicious when two of the messages below from supposed posters was the same but in different names … Ive been caught before following links from FB and it was a godawful job getting them to stop taking money from my credit card, involving fruitless calls to US etc. Finally cancelled my cr card and vowed never to give my details again on a whim for something that sounds too good to be true! There appears to be a ‘Kelly Richards’ making thousands from this in every town in every country … scam, scam, scam written all over it when you know what to look for. There aint no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ … unless you win the lottery, and the odds on that are not great, so I suppose keep on with the 9 – 5 and stop dreaming of an easy life!

  36. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam MargaretNo Gravatar

    Few monts ago i found link with this AMAZING offer, im quite young mom so sounds very good to me, i was thinking this job is perfect for me. I give my details like phone number, adress and name. Next day people call to me and ask for my credit card numer, so in my eyes turn on red light, especially like men on phone say i will be charge 1,20 for packing and then 90 pounds every months O.o. He sounds very trustful say i ill be have money back next week bla bla bla… i was close give him my bank details, but likely my hubby back to home and hang up my converstion and told me dont give nobody my bank details on phone.
    Today i found likt with this home job again on fb and was very tampty trying, sound so good, but once i was scam so i tape in google kelly richardson to check more info and im glad i did Thanks :*

    btw sorry for my english but im polish girl 🙂

  37. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam DebbieNo Gravatar

    I, too, almost fell for this. But when I went to click on the comments on a Facebook post, the entire thing disappeared. It was obviously put there to scam people. I hate how people pass these things on without finding out if they are legit or not.

  38. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam KatNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the warning. I knew it was to good to be true but a small part of me was tempted to take the risk. I don’t like how they play the struggling individual card. Cuz I’m playing that card right now,and they know I’m desperate! Jerks…

  39. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam LonnyNo Gravatar

    I have seen ads with the name Kelly Richards promoting online work at home enticements and been grossly suspicious. Now when I look, the same type ads are everywhere but the name is now Jessica Meyer with picture of her small daughter working with her presumably online. The counselor I saw at state workforce services cautioned about jobs and site which require purchase or money up front. I am also finding that many large national employment search groups, as official as they look, don’t have their facts straight in the world of jobs and requirements. Many are also linking your information from apps to job searching syndicates requiring memberships or fees, for their search services in education, skill training, resumes. They are asking for up-front money from people who are out of work, little or no income, and sometimes desperate. Who is legit? How can you trust anyone anymore.

  40. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam AceNo Gravatar

    It was such a blessing that i made this research and found out it was a scam. It was so tempting and I almost fell for it. I have this online social networking site, somewhat like facebook. All you’ve got to do is post interesting topics for discussion or comment on existing topics, (topics are everything under the sun) so any topic of your interest. Then you will be earning a little amount of money, like $1 to $5 per day while enjoying the discussions. They will pay you through paypal. here’s a link:
    Just try. You won’t spend any amount, only patience and your effort. =)

  41. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Hindi JokesNo Gravatar

    These type of offers misguide you & suck your money. mylot & kelly type persons are ford.

  42. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam CathyNo Gravatar

    Found this link and wanted to share it with everyone:

    Let’s see if it actually gets posted since all of the info on this particular link says that this program is just another scam. There is no Kelly Richards, and the people who work for this firm personalize the ads by using our IP addresses. Amazing how Kelly Richards can be from so many different cities across the country. As for the testimonials, they are also fake.

    Please read the fine print below which states, “This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this blog, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story.”

    BUYER BEWARE!!! I’ll be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau to be included on their list of online scams to avoid.

    When I submitted my comments, here’s the message that I received – “Comment submitted and currently awaiting approval.” What do you think…will it be approved? I highly doubt it!

    I’ll also be posting this on Facebook to warn friends and family.

    1. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam binuNo Gravatar

      is tere any other geninue work online possibilities

  43. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam CathyNo Gravatar

    I just finished filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Colorado, against Online Business Systems, (aka Centurion Media Group, Inc.), 6946 N Academy Blvd #166, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918.

    You may also find interesting reading in their Privacy Policy, which basically gives them permission to sell/share your private info with whoever they choose. If you’d like to read it for yourself, please go to this website:

    Like I said in an earlier post…let the BUYER BEWARE!

  44. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam KeithNo Gravatar

    I did it. our local news company did a research and said it was not a scam. Hope I didnt make a wrong choice

  45. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam LuNo Gravatar

    “I seriously almost fell for it. I found the link on Facebook. I didn’t think Facebook would allow a fraud to post on their site. Such a disappointment, I actually thought I had found a way to make my hectic life alot easier. I’m glad I decided to do more research though. I found this article because I was looking up Kelly Richards on Facebook. I was going to add her as a friend and talk to her more about the program. Sad that people are such con artists these days. Especially in the middle of this fiancial recession.” :/

  46. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam martynNo Gravatar

    thanks your site was very helpfull i also come across a kelly richards mother of two £4700 A MONTH Thinking MMMMMMM
    to good to be true.and this is in if not sure type name in and u get great help from real good people.NOT ARSE HOLES WHO ONLY THINK OF SCAMING GOOD PEOPLE.

  47. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam bobby bouchardNo Gravatar

    wow..!thanks alot , i feel like an idiot, i turned on the cpu, and found a few intersting headlines and then i found an article about people that work from home , from my home town , so i thought it was true…! i actually went and woke up my wife because she works with cpu every day at her job, i told her about how you pay 100 dollars to be part of a company that all you do is post links and you make up tp 15 dollars per link and so on , so the more you work on it the more you make, my wife looked at me and said its probaly a scam and rolled over and went back to bed, I walked back into the parlor looking at the cpu, thinking shes just a skeptic and dont believe in anything, I said to my self fu*k it, iam gonna sign up right now and make some money, then shell see it and will do it with me and it will be great, See iam on disability i hurt my back real bad and every day is some kind of struggle, i feel like every day iam getting closer to loosing my family, the only 2 people i have in this world, so before i bought i figured i would look up the girl kelly richards that they talked about from my home town fall river ma, the work at home mom, and found the articles from use that its a scam, i actually have the page right now minimized to go back and pay for the program. i thought i was gonna find away to make sure i would be able to make a few bucks for christmas, and make my daughter happy and surprise my wife, i guess iam wrong again, thanks so much for your insite and knowledge about this scam, i should of known better iam a smart and use to be a hard working loving farther/husband. but these days for me to make money from home sounded like the answear, well hope i find a real way to keep living in this hard world ! sincerly:
    robert bouchard.
    ps: if any one wants to right me back,or knows of any real ways to work from home,or has some under the table work please get back to me
    thanks ..!

  48. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam PJUSTICENo Gravatar


  49. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam jamieNo Gravatar

    THanks for the info ,just got the scam mail and will definitely not answer it having read your post.

  50. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam TPNo Gravatar

    This is great info.. Glad I found this.. Thanks.

  51. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JackieNo Gravatar

    Thank you so much for informing me on this believe it or not i just had my debit card ready to do the transation but decided to google this kelly richards if she was real thanks for the info.

  52. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam thijsNo Gravatar

    Sorry for the poeple who got scammed….but in this day and age when you got the power to do some research for yourself before getting involved with such scams (got to use some common sense!!! why should poeple want to make you rich via an e-mail scam?) you got internet when you get these e-mails so you can use it to do some research….and if you dont then you can only blame yourself in my opinion

  53. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam rajanNo Gravatar

    there are thousands of scammers out there and the legitimate work is drowned by these scams , these scammers are so convincing that they can scam you daily and you wont know about it

  54. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Evden İşNo Gravatar

    Thanks. Good information. The most beautiful writing I’ve read recently

  55. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam Dyann TNo Gravatar

    I clicked on a link about a Kelly Richards in my country. I followed a few links from that article, especially the ones about proof of income. What it led
    me to was a page all about Herbalife.
    Not what I was interested in at all!

  56. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam jutta mccollNo Gravatar

    thanks so much for the heads up, I can’t believe at my age that I almost fell for it just because my sister passed the info on to me and about 30 of her acquaintances – twice! the old saying is right on – if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!! I guess I’ll have to stick to my day job for another few years, oh well – thanks again

  57. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam cleta weeNo Gravatar

    Hi Jutta
    I was checking the info about this site as well and found all this posted messages, I’m sure you didn’t fall into this scam,unfortunately, there are many people who take advantage of those who are honest and trustworthy. It is best to do research before signing up for anything. since you are looking for an extra source of income or a stay home work, check out Melaleuca company, I’m in the process of looking into that, I did some research on it, it is not an MLM for sure, their Ceo offer a million dollar for those who can come up with a company that better than theirs, a company that existed for the last 30 years. Melaleuca has over 30 business awards worldwide, one is from BBB, Better Business Bureau. If you want I can send you some info about it from the legit site and from those who are doing business with Melaleuca. Very stable company, they provide what people basic need everyday. they just reached a billion dollar sales last month, that means it is growing well despite the fact that most company are having problem. Check it out, the more you know the better.

  58. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam jean mincey carterNo Gravatar

    I would love to do this can you show me how please

  59. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JulieNo Gravatar

    Just did a search on Melaleuca and came straight up with a scam warning!!… are any of these bloody sites legit??, I give up 🙁

  60. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam JulsNo Gravatar

    Kelly Richards Scam – I was just about to sign up when I found this thread. Great work you saved me from the Scam. I also had a couple of Americans from Pheonix call me last week early in the early morning in Australia. Very pushy and trying to lock me into a 5 day trial and I would make heaps and heaps of money for $1. Because the Americans were so pushy I said no. Thank Goodness. Seems it was a scam from my reviews today. Anyway you have samed me from the SCAM. Thanks Thanks Thanks

  61. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam CHUXNo Gravatar

    Wa o! I was tempted to sign in for the Kelly Richard’s stuff tonight and, therefore, decided to google for her e-mail address to enquire about the authenticity of the report. Eventually,I stumbled to your message that appears messianic. It is not strange that the media is beset with several deceitful messages about ‘making money at Home’,especially with the prevalent harsh economic situation.Please, I reside in Nigeria and shall be grateful to get assistance on how to get a legit one.

  62. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam PaulineNo Gravatar

    Like so many others I was seriously thinking about this. And with the deadline it had posted I knew that I would have to do it right away. I took the time to search for Kelly Richards, who claimed to be from my home town, and thankfully came upon your site. Thanks. Do you have any info about ‘real’ work from home jobs. I would be so interested

  63. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam robNo Gravatar

    no matter how enticing, whenever I hear or see the word “FREE” or “you’ll get a lot for little effort” I run.

  64. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam MattNo Gravatar

    I DID fall for it since I recently got laid off and am getting desperate:( Unfortunately, I didn’t see this till after the fact. How do I get out?! HELP!!!

  65. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam NittaNo Gravatar

    THANK YOU. I had almost all my info in. All was left to fill in was my credit card number. I decided to do a Google search first and came across your info. You saved me from a scam that I honestly thought was legitimate. I can’t thank you enough. I was about to give them the last $50 I had. I appreciate you letting all of us know the truth before we made a big mistake. I got scammed last year. You think I would have learned my lesson, but it looked so good. Live and learn I guess.

    Have a nice day. Thanks again.

  66. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam LauraNo Gravatar

    I too, received a personal email. I decided to Google Kelly Richard’s name in Salem, Oregon and your site became available for reviewing. I am very thankful for people like you who have already researched and posted the results. It has saved many already hurting folks from making a huge mistake. Thank you.
    Also, WHO do we contact to turn these scammers into???? There must be something that can be done to stop them.

  67. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam CaseyNo Gravatar

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam BarbNo Gravatar

    I hate rec’g garbage like this… ESPECIALLY since they hacked a friend of mines email to do it and I agree… just HOW can we turn these assholes in?????
    I googled Kelly Richards and this is one of a few sites that came up… am so not surprised it is a scam.


  69. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam rhenNo Gravatar

    wow TNX MUCH,,, i nearly got caught!! and i’m on a money stress right now that’s why i’m tempted to join but i took precautions by searching for any FORUMS regarding kelly richars story confirming if it’s scam or not,, tnx

  70. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam rhenNo Gravatar

    IF YOU WANT good on line jobs, try TUTorial teaching, in Philippines online teaching are one of the trends,as for me, i used to teach ENGLISH languages to my KOREAN client and i earned 200$ per meeting (about 2-3 hrs a day)

  71. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam SmithNo Gravatar

    I just put my visa details in and then found this page and read. Once I put my details in it took
    Me to a blank page and wouldn’t reload. Should have read this first! It said it would only be $1.95 so hopefully that is all. Don’t want them taking my money. Don’t do it!

  72. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam eiNo Gravatar

    how to earn income by using google?
    please share me!

  73. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam eiNo Gravatar

    Please how to earn money by using google.can you share me!

  74. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam eiNo Gravatar

    Why did they ask for payment?

  75. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam BAKATEENo Gravatar

    HEY!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY THX U ALOT I WAS ABOUT TO REGISTER WITH THAT FUCKING SCAM, INFACT!!! U MAKE ME NOT SCAM THX I was seriously thinking about this. And with the deadline it had posted I knew that I would have to do it right away. I took the time to search for Kelly Richards AT FACEBOOK AND I SAW UR POST THER AH!! I CAN’T THX U ENOUGH,

  76. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam SylviaNo Gravatar

    So glad I clicked on this and read this article, WOW! Amazing! I think I’ll work harder at getting my Avon business up and running than join these schemes going on! Ridiculous that you even have to PAY to get some kind of kit for it! Kudos for posting this, I hope everyone is aware and is smarter! Thanks a MILLION!

  77. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam RonnyNo Gravatar

    Send me a dollar and I’ll tell you how I make my money.

  78. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam ElsaNo Gravatar

    stupid me!i just purchased the product and now i don’t know how to cancel the subscription.i’m afraid that they’ll use my credit card.OMG! what have i done?????

    1. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam promiseexNo Gravatar

      you were too fast about this you know and that really sucks you know

  79. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam dikpalNo Gravatar

    you told that other one is scam. but how can i be assured about you.
    may be u r the same like other.there is no any guarantee.


  80. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam LoisNo Gravatar

    Want to know why Kelly Richard lives in your town? The reason is in the html code which you can see if you right click on the webpage and then select “View Source” to see that pages code. Here is the code from that page:

    Kelly Richards of document.write(geoip_city());, document.write(geoip_region_name()); was tired of worrying all the time where the next dollar is coming from.

    As you can see, geoip_city and/or geoip_region_name is looking up your computers IP addresses city/region. This is why Kelly lives everywhere.

  81. Kelly Richards Work From Home Scam CamNo Gravatar

    Sorry used a fake email to post. I tried posting this link on the Kelly Richards blog thing, i wanted to give awareness to the hopeful helpless people who believes in easy money. So sad this world. If someone wants to be rich, that someone must work and strive harder. Napoleon Hill books are worth reading for inspirations and ideas on how to strategize, know your goal and earn.


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