How Unsafe Is The Caffeine In Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are associated with high amounts of caffeine and other similar substances that can actually boost your stamina. There are some obvious front runners in this industry, not to mention about a lot of other less popular brands. Since people know that such drinks can cause plenty of cardiovascular diseases, they try to rely on the popular names that actually have a good reputation. However, popularity does not equal seriousness or quality. Therefore, the media has published some recent reports regarding five deaths and a heart attack occurring after having such energy drinks.


In front of such a common threat, the FDA has also started an investigation. The agency has began paying attention to energy drinks after the death of a teenage girl. She had a heart attack after having two energy drink cans. It seems the heart attack was caused by the caffeine toxicity found in her body. Moreover, it is vital to know that a couple of energy cans equal around fifteen cans of regular coke. The worst part is that anyone is open to such dangerous drinks. Whether it comes to kids, teenagers or clubbing young adults, anyone likes to enjoy such a drink every once in a while.

Most studies underline the fact that caffeine is not harmful at all, but actually beneficial if taken in regular levels and without exaggerations. Even when the respective drinker exaggerates a little, the levels are not fatal. However, the real problems occur when the caffeine ingestion goes to unusual limits. For instance, fifty cups of coffee drunk over an hour or two will most likely kill the respective individual. Normally, the toxic levels should not go higher than 150 milligrams per kilo. Since such situations are rare, caffeine toxicity is not very popular, not to mention about fatal cases.

When it comes to energy drinks, things change to 180 degrees. They have a lot more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. Moreover, they are combined with a series of natural herbs. However, such herbs are also rich in caffeine. For instance, yerba mate or guarana have high amounts of caffeine, leading to an easy intoxication. Having a few drinks one after another can be very risky for one’s health, especially if the individual also suffers from some conditions.

The studies are far from being over and no one can tell whether or not energy drinks are actually responsible for those deaths. However, one thing is for sure – you should be more careful when it comes to your caffeine consumption. Moreover, make sure you do not go over 250 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis.

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