How to Play Football for Beginners


If you stumbled upon this page, most chances are that you are looking to learn how to play football for beginners. We are going to cover it all and explain the basic rules of football and how to stay safe while playing it. To start with you have to undergo many training sessions before you can learn how to play a football game properly. You must be coached by a professional football coach if you want to learn the advanced steps of football game but if you are just trying to learn basics then you can do it yourself with the help of your friends and reading an article like this.

Before the football game starts, the captains of the teams will meet together to perform coin toss. The person who wins the coin toss will be the first one to kick the ball. In each team, there are 11 football players. Every team will specialize in different defense position. The rules vary between different football leagues including NFL (National Football League), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and etc.

The football game is divided into several quarters. In football game such as NFL and NCAA, every quarter will lasts for 15 minutes. In high school, the football game will lasts for 48 minutes. Each quarter will lasts for 12 minutes. When the game is about to end in two minutes, the officials will give a signal to let the players know that there is only two minute left. Overtime play can be added on condition that the teams are bound to 4th quarter close. Normally, the teams have to be assigned to a few of timeouts before the clock can be stopped.

The football field has a length of 100 yards. At each end, there is a goal post. The goal post is 10 yards long. Once an offense gets the ball, he will attempt to run across the goal line of the opposition team. After he manages to cross the opposition goal line, the team will score a touch down. The touch down is the biggest goal an offense can score. The score for a touchdown is 6 points. The team who successfully score the touch down will be rewarded with a bonus. The team will be given the chance to add 1 – 2 points to its score. This type of score is called extra point conversion attempts. If the team decides to venture out for the two extra points, they must make one more attempt to carry the ball and run to the end zone. If they manage to carry the ball to the end zone, two points will be awarded to them. If they fail to do so, the extra points will not be awarded to them.

Alternatively, the team can opt to kick the field goal to get points. If the team kick the field goal, it will get an additional three points. The team can also get another two points by tacking a rival who is holding the ball in the end zone. This type of football scoring method is called safety. The fair catch kick can help the team score points as well. In fair catch kick, the team has to fair catch a punt from the opposition team. The team will be given the choice to attempt a field goal. The fair catch kick is worth about three points.

Many websites on the internet provide tips on how to play football for beginners as well as tips on advance techniques. You can also buy football basics books if you want to learn more on the topic of how to play football for beginners.

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