How to get rid of acid reflux

It is hard to do anything when your insides burn and when nothing you eat or do seem to make a difference. I’ve had acid reflux since my first pregnancy and sometimes it seems as if it has never gone away even though now twelve years has passed. Now, my kids are all at school. I lead a very busy healthy life running after my kids, working at my desk job and working out regularly. However, I have to admit that, what with everything that’s happening and all, it is difficult to find time to get away completely, relax and detox. I try my best to be health conscious and eat wisely so my kids learn good eating habits, I try and find time to hit the gym and all that, the pains due to acidity never went away.

One of the common symptoms of acid reflux is the rising feeling of an acidic sensation from the stomach moving into the mouth. The primary reason is the secretion of an excessive amount of acids in the stomach that affects the lining of the esophagus, which could cause severe damage.

The World Wide Web provides a huge amount of information on making dietary changes that assist in relieving the symptoms of acid reflux. Although medications are available to soothe this condition, it is recommended that you make dietary changes for long-term relief from acid reflux discomfort. Making dietary changes does not imply drastic changes but simple changes to your food habits to reduce the production of acids in the stomach.

acid reflux

A common perception is that consumption of milk assists in soothing the symptoms. However, milk is only a temporary reliever that actually increases the acid production in the longer duration.

Nonetheless, eating a small meal (with a high content of complex carbohydrates) along with the milk can be beneficial to provide relief from symptoms of acid reflux.

Cutting down the FatsCutting down the consumption of food products that comprise a high amount of fats normalizes the functioning of the stomach.

Reducing the number of spices consumed also benefits in relieving the symptoms of acid reflux. Food products, such as cabbage, beans, peas, apples, bananas, rice, low-fat pasta, and meats (like fish and chicken) are recommended to ease the discomfort of acid reflux.

Increasing the consumption of carbohydrates and decreasing the proteins intake assists individuals to benefit from the discomfort of this illness.

What can I eat if I have acid reflux

Some of the food items that individuals must avoid or consume in moderate quantities include certain types of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, beverages, and grains. Citrus fruits, raw onions, ground beef, chicken nuggets, spaghetti and sauce, regular cottage, ice cream, spirits, wine, beer, creamy salad dressings, vinegar dressing, chocolates, cookies, donuts, and fritters are some of the foods that you must avoid overcoming this condition.

Following an acid reflux diet does not mean eating bland or boring foods. Fruits, such as papaya, dried apples, bananas, and pineapples are recommended as safe. All vegetables, such as baked potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, and broccoli are excellent for acid reflux relief. Additionally, dairy products including low-fat tofu, feta and goat cheeses, and non-fat sour cream can be consumed. Multi-grain bread, oatmeal, bran cereal, crackers, corn, fat-free cookies, red licorice, low-fat salad dressings, and biscuits can be eaten while following an acid reflux diet.

Several foods are commonly known as trigger foods; however, these differ from one person to another. Nonetheless, most foods that increase the production of acids are classified as triggers and must be avoided. Additionally, eating large meals must be avoided; instead, you must consume smaller portions regularly throughout the day, which reduces the discomfort. Adhering to an acid reflux diet is not difficult, as it is commonly perceived. Discipline, planning, and consistency are important to overcome acid reflux symptoms.

How to treat acid reflux?

A friend suggested that, rather than whine about not having time for a detox, I should try something new. I was willing to try anything at that point. I did my research online and came across this company called Digestive Science. I loved the way they explained how and why acidity happens. I was shocked to realize that my old habit of popping antacids was a part of the problem. They had a Reflux Elimination System and I decided to give it a go. They explained that rather than try to treat the pain of acidity we should be trying to address its cause. Using antacids was destroying the natural ph balance of the stomach and creating an unfriendly environment for the digestive enzymes in the stomach.

The Reflux Elimination System would address the cause and not just the acidity pains. it came as a three step solution. Step One, called the Acid Control Formula, is for addressing the burning sensation by coating the gut lining and reducing the acid produced in the stomach. Step Two, called theDigestive Enzyme Renewal, has a daily digestive supplement for improving digestion.  Step Three, called the Daily Digestion Support, is a daily fiber and nutrient supplement with the Superfood ‘Chia’.

The three step Reflux Elimination System pack comes for 30 days and they recommend that you continue to use it for a minimum of 90 days to get best results. I found that within two weeks of starting , my system was regular, my skin cleared and most importantly my heartburn and acidity which had plagued me for the last decade had disappeared! Yes, there were dietary recommendations, but they were already what I had been used to as part of my regular lifestyle. The only thing that changed in the interim was the Reflux Elimination System I was following. So I knew it worked for me! I plan to complete the recommended 90 days to see how much better it can get. I would recommend anyone who has ever suffered from acidity that you give this a shot.

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