How to choose the best basketball shoes for women?

Basketball is a contact sport that requires different footwork. Basketball player runs and jumps around the basketball court. To keep the player comfortable, right basketball shoes should be used. There are a lot of basketball shoes to choose from and there are so many things you need to take into account when choosing the right basketball shoes for women.

Shoes for women

Choosing the best basketball shoes for women is one of the most important decisions one can ever make. With the complexity of footwork, it is but important to choose excellent quality basketball shoes. Excellent basketball shoes help a woman to perform her optimum performance inside the basketball court.

Taking the right measurement

Before purchasing a basketball shoes, a woman should first take the correct measurement of the feet. It is best to obtain measurement at an athletic shoe store. The measurement should start from the heel to toe. It is also important to measure the arc length and width of the feet. The best time to take feet measurement is during the afternoon.

There are different ways to choose the right basketball shoes for women and these are:

  1. Choose basketball shoes that have excellent level of protection

It is important to choose shoes that offer the kind of protection you need. Majority of basketball players use high tops basketball shoes for it provides excellent ankle support. However, there are some players who are not comfortable using high tops basketball shoes for they feel that their movements are restricted. They would rather choose low tops and mid tops basketball shoes.

  1. Choose basketball shoes according to your playing style

Every basketball player has its own playing style. Whatever playing style a woman has, she has to choose a basketball shoes that perfectly fits her playing style. Star player should choose heavier shoes because it gives them cushion, more stability, and comfort. Some players settle for lightweight basketball shoes for it allows them to move freely with greater flexibility and support.

  1. Choose basketball shoes that have the right sole

The sole is one of the most important things you need to consider when picking basketball shoes. Choose a sole that perfectly meets your needs. The sole should be made from rubber pattern so that it can easily grip on the floor. It is as well important to wear shoes with enough traction so that the shoes will not easily wear down. Basketball shoes are also dependent on the location of basketball court. There are shoes that are best worn at indoor court while others can only be used for outdoor courts.

  1. Choose basketball shoes according to types of closure system
  • Laces- The lace is a perfect choice for it keeps the feet stable, but you should choose shoes that have excellent lacing closure.
  • Straps- Some basketball players choose basketball shoes with strap closure for it protects the player from ankle rollover.
  • Zippers- Latest designs of basketball shoes use zipper closure that is covered with a protective material.
  • Hook and Loop- This type of basketball shoes closure is only suitable to younger children. However, there are also women who use this type of closure but hook and look up is not that reliable in terms of staying closed.

Basketball shoes play a significant role in the overall performance of the player. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best basketball shoes for women so that you can optimize your gaming performance.

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