Facebook closing down- Truth or rumors?

Many of you might have heard that facebook is closing down and all the profiles will get deleted in month of march. It has caused widespread concern for people who frequently visit the site and are fully dependent on it. So what do you think could be the reason for facebook shutdown? Sources say mark zuckerberg himself had enough with the site and is trying to get his old life back. Rumors started after weekly world news published the article about facebook shutdown on there website and news went viral all over the facebook.

Facebook founder mark zuckerberg said “Facebook has gotten out of control and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an to all the madness.”, he said this in a conference outside facebook headquarters in palo alto.

Another report mentioned that starting 15 march no user will be able to access there profiles and facebook.com will not load in there browsers as all the servers will be taken down.

Facebook currently have over 500 million active users and is the largest social networking site, so you might be thinking why would mark zuckerberg close it?

Well facebook is still making huge money but to manage a site like this is not an easy task. Mark zuckerberg said “I don’t care about the money,” “I just want my old life back.”

Even if facebook shuts down there are plenty more social networks which are waiting to take it’s place and become the next big thing in social networking.

Facebook team suggest all the users to remove all the profile information from the site before March 15th. After that date all pictures, videos, information will be permanently removed.

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