Commission Autopilot Review

Commission Autopliot

Commission autopilot is new software created by Paul Pona. The main functions of the software are automatic content creation and content distribution. The software allows you to make use of the different document sharing websites for promoting your links.

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Commission Autopliot

The software claims to spread the word of your links across the Internet and, in turn, lead to making loads of money. In simple terms, the software will help you create many leads and generate traffic to your website, which in turn, leads to more sales.

The software claims that it will place your websites, blogs, and other associated links at the top of different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get high page rank authority backlinks that point back to your offers.

What does Commission Autopilot Contain?

Commission autopilot is a desktop based software designed to run on Windows. Those using a Mac need to be working on the Windows emulator. The software suite comprises of two software packages namely Commission Activator and Commission Multiplier. Let’s take a look at the function of each of these software packages in brief.

Commission Activator

The Commission Activator software collects high quality content from the huge database of PLR articles to generate documents that automatically includes links to your websites, blogs, and associated links. The software effectively links your URLs within the articles.

The software generates PDF documents from the files that were created automatically. These PDF documents are then posted by the Commission Multiplier software on the different document sharing sites.

The Commission Activator software is bundled with five training videos to get you started quickly and easily. These videos include commission activator installation, content creation, digital traffic machines, advance features, and monetization of PLR articles.

Commission Multiplier Software

The Commission Multiplier software posts the documents automatically created by the Commission Activator software on the highly ranked document sharing websites. The software will also place your website, blogs, and associated link URLs on the top of different search engines with the help of the automatically generated backlinks.

Similar to the Commission Activator software, the Commission Multiplier software is bundled with training videos to quickly get you going. These videos include installation, features, and working of Multiplier.

Click here to visit Commission Autopilot  official site

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