Bill My Parents Reviews

Bill My Parents

Bill my parents is a new payment service, that claims to make spending the parent’s money easier for a kid. It is a smart card that offers a kid total control and freedom to spend. It is said to benefit both the parties involved. The money problem of the kids will be solved and the parent also wouldn’t have to visit the store sites where their children’s items are found. Thus this will save a lot of time and also serves as a smart way of shopping. Thus through this system, kids are able to buy their stuff easily but of course, the parents have to agree first.

Bill My Parents


Let us know discuss how this system works. One will find a small “bill my parents” button beside the items on retail. To seek their parent’s approval a kid writes notes to their parents about their thoughts on the product. These notes are instantly e-mails to their parents. If the parent approves, he or she can pay for the selected product. Moreover, as the kid sends the request through this system, a parent can directly buy the item from the request page only. Thus, it is said to be a smart way of shopping as well as communication between a kid and his or her parents. The whole system depends on web communications.

The inventors of this unique system of this smart shopping are marketing it, as much more than just a debit card. It comes with a wide array of features which are as follows-

  • One can use this debit MasterCard anywhere.
  • The balance and spending of the card can be easily be tracked with real time message alerts
  • One can easily lock or unlock the card through their computer or phone
  • One can get account access and control through their mobile phones
  • It is a highly conveniently way of managing one’s account
  • The card can be securely and safely reloaded anytime, with just a click
  • Family members or friends can load such cards for special occasions
  • Spending limits on the card can also be set easily

It is said that this system of bill my parents, is a great way for parents to teach their kids, how to spend money. It is a safe and secured way of money transaction. With state-of-the-art security and protection one’s account is secured of all kinds of frauds. Therefore this card gives the kid the ultimate flexibility and freedom for shopping without security concerns.

This system offers a prepaid spend card and therefore there is no fear of no credit risk or no credit checks. The bill my parents prepaid card, also focuses on making money by providing the spending power in the hands of the youth. Thus commerce gets a boost. Moreover, if the card gets lost or is stolen it can immediately be locked with a click of a button. A new card with remaining balance will be replaced for the old one. All this, has encouraged the use of this system among both parents and kids across the world.


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