Which is Healthier? The Best Weight Loss Foods

Have you ever noticed that there are as many diets and food options in the world as there are stars in the sky? How anybody does make sense of it all and find the best weight loss foods?

According to researchers, some 95% of all diets fail. My personal belief on the subject of failed diet plans is due to this fact. These diets fail because they are dealing with the problem and not the cause. Doesn’t it make sense that if there is a healthy food to lose weight list, then there must also be an unhealthy one?

I have bad news for you. 🙁 If you are overweight and looking for best weight loss foods, then you are not likely eating the correct foods, and that is the problem.

What is the number one aspect overweight people have in common? Do you know?

It is not overeating, or lack of exercise, or any of that typical crap that the fitness industry, diet industry, government, and others have been telling you.

The real culprit in not being able to lose weight fast is 100% food related, period. Moreover, it is the hormonal reaction to the foods that overweight people have been eating that causes the problem.

Eating certain, processed foods and artificial sweeteners over the long term causes the body not to function properly concerning burning fat.

best weight loss foods

Though there is much debate over the best exercise to lose weight, one thing is sure; the first thing on the agenda is to find and ingest the healthy foods to lose weight that the human body needs to start the natural fat burning engine in us all.

I have personally read several books and online articles that contain the foods in the following list categories that I am going to give you. That said, the book that has the best and most comprehensive data available on healthy foods to lose weight overall is “The Smarter Science of Slim, by Jonathan Bailor.” This book was published in December on 2011 and very current information on many weight loss related issues including the healthy foods to lose weight.

Here is a category list containing healthy foods to lose weight from his book and their servings suggested per day:

  • Non-starchy veggies: (10+ Servings Suggested per Day)
  • Protein: (5+ Servings per Day)
  • Fruits: (4+ Servings per Day)
  • Nuts and Seeds: (4+ Servings per Day)

These healthy foods to lose weight have not only been mentioned in this most recent book but throughout the recent past.

Think about the human race as a whole

Were we eating TV dinners, artificial sweeteners, overly processed foods or food that came in a box for most of our species history? No, we were eating things that we grew or derived from animals and sea life.

Doesn’t it make sense that a species that ate plants and animals for most of their history, would start having issues if they started not eating those things?

I hope you are following me because what I am trying to tell you is that the way to choose healthy foods to lose weight is simply a matter of returning to our ancestral roots.

Luckily for you and me alike some smart people in the world have figured this all out. I have some reading material recommendations that deal with best weight loss foods, fast weight loss, and weight loss supplements that these links go to.

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