Auto Traffic Buddy Review

 The ATB is a WordPress plugin plus a backlinking system. Basically, backlinking is one of the important techniques in search engine optimization. In fact, it is one of the best indicators of the popularity of the website. Auto Traffic Buddy was created to ensure that your website gets a huge number of backlinks which, of course, will translate to popularity and sales.

 The system works by automatically creating backlinks in hundreds of websites or multisites that are owned by the creators of Auto Traffic Buddy and their current customers. When you create blogs in these sites as subdomains and plugin the ATB in your own WordPress business blog, any post you have on your WordPress will be bookmarked by the plugin and sent to the backlinking blogs. The title of your original post will be spun and together with bits and pieces of your original post, it shall be used as text anchor of the backlink.

 One post will be bookmarked every day so you could just imagine the number of visits your WordPress blog will receive if all the visitors of the multisites will view your blogs through the backlinking blogs. And whenever you create new posts on these backlinking blogs, these will automatically be pinged and boosted so that more and more backlinks are created for your WordPress blog. So, the ATB basically does all the promotion of your blog for you.

 There is also an RSS file section in the ATB plugin which allows you to create RSS feeds in your backlinking blogs and spreading these in RSS directories. This would mean more visibility for your backlinks and, of course, more visibility to your WordPress blog.

 Auto Traffic Buddy has two kinds of membership. One is Basic Membership which costs USD 29.95 per month and gives the following benefits: very good backlink and traffic potential, unlimited and permanent 1-way backlinks, use on unlimited number of domains, natural and safe backlinks and lastly, all of your posts gets indexed. With this kind of membership, you get 20 credits which you can use in building your backlinking blogs with each blog equivalent to 1 credit. Every month you will additional 2 credits and if you contribute a multisite to the network, you will get an extra 10 credits plus 1 credit per month.

 If you get a Platinum Membership which costs USD 49.95 per month, you get automatic social bookmarking, automatic pings for your new incoming links and automatic backlink booster on top of the features of the Basic Membership. With this, you will get 40 credits and additional 10 credits per month not including the credits that you get when you add a multisite to the network.

For support, everyone who availed of membership has access to a private traffic forum where they can communicate with other members, share ideas and get help regarding acquiring and improving traffic.

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