Apple wins battle with 10 billion downloads

Apple is synonym of technology. The brand has been busy inventing cool gadgets for their customers. The craze for Apple products is not just confined to one area but all around the world. Recently, the brand has been in news for the launch of iPhone 4. With the release of this smart phone in the market, an end was out to much awaited curiosity of users. Now all of them can simply buy the phone along with its thousand of applications at iPhone store. Apple launched the store for iPhone in the year 2008 and since then it has been catering to the needs and requirements of Apple users to the maximum extent possible.

The iPhone store brought a revolution in the popularity of iPhone amongst users to great extent. It helped in increasing the sales of the smart phone manifold times. Moreover, visitors started visiting the store for getting access to phone content instantly. It has been seen that the store offers approximately 300,000 programs and applications for iPhone users. The store can thus be easily visited for updating the smart phone with any application available in the global market.
Since it is the store launched by Apple, applications and software for various other Apple products are accessible. For instance, the count of iPad users in the world is increasing with every passing day. All these users have to look for cool applications for this cool gadget. Well, the Apple store provides customers with about 40,000 applications for iPad. The craze for Apple products cannot be gauged from numbers of buyers of products but numbers of individuals visiting this online store for buying applications and other software programs. On 22 January 2011, the store made a history by having 10 billion downloads. Undoubtedly, this takes the Apple to the top position in the war going between online software stores for cell phones.

Earlier to record making 10 billion downloads, the store got a tough competition from store GetJar that is owned privately by a group of individuals. This store had a history of 1 billion downloads in June 2010. This store deals into software for different kinds of cell phones from different brands.

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