3 Reasons to Embrace Burpees in Your Daily Exercising Routine

Now that the summer has come, you have no excuse to hide your figure under unflattering, large clothes. It is high time you ditched that baggy style and adopt more figure-flattering clothes that will bring into prominence your curves. And since there is no better way to lose weight and to stay in shape than constantly exercising, here are some summer-melting tips for you to follow:

Staying fit is more of a lifestyle than a purpose, and, the sooner you will understand that, the better for you. In order to achieve that figure-flattering body you have always dreamt of, you should appeal to physical workout routines at least 3 times a week. Combine your indoor practices with the countless outdoor possibilities that summer offers you, and determine the best exercising routine for you. If you are not sure what exercises to appeal to this summer, why not try combining different styles? Mild walks and 20-minutes a day jogging will perfectly blend with some more calorie-consuming exercises performed indoors, like burpees. So, what are burpees and why should you embrace burpee workout for women in your future workout plan?


  1. Because they will help you burn more calories. The burpee workout for women is soliciting physical exercises which will work on all your body’s group muscles, from legs to arms and abs. This type of exercises combines stretching with strength-building. Only one minute a day of this intense full exercising and you will burn up to 50% more calories than performing regular, moderate physical exercises. Moreover, because of the high intensity of the burpees, your burning calorie system will work throughout the day, improving your metabolism, and helping you lose fat easier and faster.


  1. Because they do not require any sophisticated and costly equipment. The best thing about burpees is that you can perform it anytime, anywhere, with a minimum of cost and a maximum effort. Because burpees are specifically built to help you work out your entire body, all you need is a good physical condition. Forget about paying a regular fee for a gym program, or buying expensive exercising machines for your house. Simply put on a comfy pair of pants and a shirt, and start “burpeeing”. Even more, you are not constrained to perform this type of exercises indoors. Take advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather outside, go to the nearest park, and start performing on your burpee exercises.


  1. Because they are great for conditioning and strengthening your body. Being a full type of exercise, burpee is easily embraced by all sorts of athletes, including the ones that practice the hardest workout routines. Performance athletes, militaries, people that practice cross fit and trainers – they all adopted burpees and included this type of exercises in their daily programs. Burpees are a great way to condition and strengthen your body. Moreover, by practicing this type of exercises your sculpted body figure will last longer. No matter your final goal is – climbing a mountain, participating to a decathlon, running for a noble cause, or simply trying to lose some pounds – burpee exercises will put you in shape and work on your moral tonus as well.

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