24/7 Fat Loss Review

The idea behind the program can be deduced from its name – it is a method that would make you lose fat 24 hours a day that means, even as you sleep you are shedding off those unwanted fats. But this is not for those who want to see overnight results since the program runs for eight weeks.

24/7 Fat Loss

The system was designed to target two things: metabolism and hormones. It is a fact that the faster the metabolism of a person is, the better he is able to lose fat. As such, 24/7 Fat Loss addresses this by putting in place workouts that would boost a person’s metabolism. Furthermore, the program also addresses hormones and not only calories because the former actually control everything when it comes to burning fat.

There are four strategies employed in the 24/7 Fat Loss Program. The first one is Optimized Nutrient Combining. While Mario and Ballantyne believes in incorporating high quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet, they pose that foods rich in fats and carbohydrates should not be taken together in one meal because it will lead to more fat storage that is also why they termed fats and carbohydrates as the deadly combination. As such, the program tells you to eat foods rich in protein every meal together with carbohydrates or fat.

The second strategy is Carb Syncing whereby a person is not programmed to keep from eating carbohydrates-rich foods but is allowed take them in strategic times of the day specifically in the morning and after undergoing an intense exercise routine because these are the times when the body is primed to process carbs. Together with the first strategy, this should be practiced on a daily basis to ensure fat loss 24 hours per day.

Third strategy used in the 24/7 Fat Loss Program is Strategic Overfeeding which gives you what you call Cheat Days wherein you are allowed to eat whatever you want as much as you like. These Cheat Days serve to re-boost your metabolism unlike diet programs where the fat loss rate slows down as the person enters intermediate stages of the programs because the metabolism rate plateaus.

The final strategy is Metabolic Resistance Training or MRT. As earlier stated, these workouts would serve to increase your metabolism rate. It is said that with MRT, you are guaranteed two days of increased metabolism just from a workout that lasts 40 minutes. As defined in 247fatloss.com, MRT is a series of non-competing total body resistance training exercises linked together with incomplete cardiovascular recovery. MRT allows you to get that afterburn – increase in metabolism even after several hours after the workouts.

The Complete 24/7 Rapid Fat Loss System consists of nine components namely Diet Manual, Training Manual, Workout Log Sheets, 24-Hour Fat Loss Timeline, Exercise Database, Mindset Database, Supplementation Guide, Pre-program Quick-start Checklist and 24/7 Fat Loss Audio Interrogation. The package costs $683. There are some websites, however, which offer it at a discounted price along with other bonus products.

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