The complete list of Premenopause and Menopausal symptoms: Every women above 30 should have knowledge of these symptoms

Menopause is a transitional phase in the life of women. It is characterized by the end of the menstrual cycle and in addition fertility. While some women embrace this period in her life, other women have difficulty emotionally during this time of life.   I Agreed….This is very difficult time for every woman. Menopause is… Read More »

These birds are Master in art of hiding- Information about birds

You have  solved the world’s greatest puzzle and consider themselves champions of these mental games but today we will share some interesting information about birds .we have come to you with a challenge. See the photos below.   Now look carefully at this photo and tell where the owl is hidden? Here it is… The owl… Read More »

How Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS Surgery) helpful in Parkinson’s Disease or Essential tremor?

Deep Brain Stimulation(DBS surgery) for Parkinson’s Disease Deep brain stimulation(DBS surgery) is a surgical technique that can significantly improve the quality of life of people with advanced Parkinson’s disease.  This technique is particularly useful  when tremor is the most      bothersome symptom, or when parkinsonian symptoms fluctuate a lot despite taking medications.   Deep… Read More »

Does botox work for eye twitching?

Why Do We Have Twitching Eyelids? Sometimes you may experience involuntary twitching in your eye. Eye twitching or Blepharospasm, as it is technically known, is a perplexing phenomenon experienced by nearly a million people every year. While basically, eye twitching is not much of a dangerous disorder, for some it can lead to chronic irritation… Read More »

Perianal Fistula- Does fistulotomy work?

The Perianal Fistula is a disease that is very common and widespread. It is usually a condition of inflammatory origin, which in most cases stems from an anal fissure unrecognized or neglected, which infects the tissues deepened until it flows out. In any case, the Perianal Fistula can be defined as a small tunnel, starting… Read More »